We know that one swing does not fit all students.  What works for one, can hinder the other.  JRL GOLF instructors work with the student’s natural ability as a baseline for their swing.

Using BodiTrak pressure systems, K-Vest reports and 3D data, TrackMan ball flight and swing feedback combined with years of experience teaching and playing golf competitively, JRL GOLF instructors develop unique lesson plans for all students.  Beginner to Professional.


Feel can be Real.  Technology and experience not only helps to discover the most efficient route to improvement, it also creates repeatability.  When students can consistently repeat the correct  fundamentals, with positive, real-time feedback rapid improvement is obtainable.  Green = Good / Red = Needs Work.


Feel is now Real.  Implementing the strong foundation and repeatable swing techniques created from JRL GOLF’s DISCOVER and QUANTIFY stages the student now experiences greater consistency and more control over the golf shot. Using TrackMan we have reliable swing and ball flight data essential to improving your game.   JRL GOLF instructors can compare swing data from lesson to lesson, ingraining the correct swing, to ball flight and impact, adding confidence to your golf game.


A year from now you will have wished you started today.